MCL Telford Cinema

Located at the heart of Kowloon Bay, MCL TELFORD CINEMA is a popular entertainment hub in the East Kowloon District with 6 houses and 789 seats.

Innovating the cinema experience to excite and bringing moviegoers to an entertainment utopia

Pleasurable Watching Experience

House 1 is a “MX4D Motion Theatre” with uniquely designed motion seats and 11 types of 4D effects matching exactly the movement on the screen. House 2 and House 3 (the “House FX”) are installed with Dolby Atmos sound system, Buttkicker vibration seats and 4K laser projection system. The perfect application of these audio-visual technology has brought to the audience a very pleasurable movie watching experience.

Restaurant within the Cinema

With the concept of "Restaurant within the cinema", MCL Telford Cinema has joint-hand with the Innovative dining team to set up a signature food and dining outlet -“FIGARO”. Serving French-Japanese fusion cuisine, the outlet is well loved by cinema goers where they can grab a quick and delicious meal before or after a movie.